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Introduction of the Institute

History of the Institute

SHREE DURGA PVT. INDUSTRIAL TRAINING INSTITUTE is located in Village- Sangraon, Block- Rajpur, Buxar ( Bihar ). This institute has been established in 2019 with two trades viz Fitter, Electrical an intake capacity of 80 Seats only.

But now after successfully functioning for initial years, it has risen to the status of well-reputed industrial training institute The institute has adequate land and building with total area of 1950 Sq. mt with built up area of 1199 sq. meter.


After a long Period of interval attached with teaching work in I.T.C/I.T.I, I felt that I could provide training to a large number of poor literate unemployed without any profit and loss,Since I am able and complete healthy citizens. I opted the position of Managing Director(M.D) and trust started in which many of the people attached with us for good work.In the recent on 08/08/2019 our members with us had taken decision to open the I.T.C/I.T.I and we have moved the petition to concern departmental no. DGET-12/01/2018-TC dated 08/08/2019 to Bihar State Government and India Government to open the institute.We also got permission from Government and tried to start the Institute.


  • To develop skills, keeping in mind emerging occupations and changing nature of work as a result of technological changes and workplace processes, to enhanced employment – self employment potential of the youth.
  • To supply skilled manpower to Industries as per their need.
  • To develop employment-self employment oriented Vocational skills among illiterates, school dropouts, workers in unorganized sector, candidates registered in employment exchanges, self help groups irrespective of their age and educational background, to make them self reliant.
  • To make the Institutions more responsive and proactive, with regard to the kind of suggestions and recommendations made by the Industries, to develop constructive partnership between Industry and Institute.
  • To offer training for the various high end and low end activities in the Industry base sector and Service sectors.
  • To restructure operation of Vocational Training to enhance the quality, utility and effectiveness in the context of changing technologies and requirements in the labour market.
  • To reduce the burden of unemployment.

National Council for Vocational Training (N.C.V.T)

In pursuance of the recommendation of the All India Council for technical education, the government of India in the ministry of labour resolution no.RTA-428(5)/dated the 22nd May, 1951 appointed a committee called the national trade certification investigation committee with instruction to prepare a scheme of the establishment of an All India Trade Board which would award certificate of proficiency to craftsmen of the various Engineering and building trades.The report of this committee as also the recommendation of the training and employment services organization committee have been considered by the Government of India.The Government agreed with both the committee that there is need for setting up a central agency for coordinating the training programmers in the country bringing about uniformity of standards and awarding certificates of proficiency in craftsmanship on all India basis. Such a step in the interest of both the industry and the workers in as much as it ensures that the holder of national certificates posses a minimum recognized degree of skill in addition. It facilitates mobility of tradesmen and their employment.

The Government of India also decided to transfer the administration to the training organization under the control of the State Government concerned, retaining for themselves the function of coordinating Craftsmen training and lying down the training policy .The decision has further accentuated the need for central agency for assisting or advising the central Government in the discharge of their responsibilities regarding craftsmen Training. It has accordingly been decided , in consultation with the State Government and other concerned parties to set up a National Council for Vocational Training(N.C.V.T).Accordingly, with a view to ensure and maintain uniformity in the standards of training all the over the Country. The N.C.V.T an advisory body was set up by the Government of India in the Year 1956.The council has been entrusted with the responsibilities of prescribing standards curricula for Craftsmen Training, advising the Government of India on the overall policy and programmes, conducting All India Trade test and awarding National Trade Certificates. The National council is chaired by the Minister of Labour, with member representing Central and State Government department, employers and worker’s organization, professional and learned bodies, All India council for Technical Education, Scheduled castes and scheduled Tribe, All India women’s organization etc. the State council for vocational Training at the State level and the Trade committee have been established to assist the National Council.